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Khawhar Hnemtu APK is a remarkable Android application that offers a wide-ranging collection of Mizo hymns and songs. Developed by ReggaTech, this app is a must-have for Mizo music enthusiasts.

With Khawhar Hnemtu, users can access a comprehensive compilation of 214 hymns and songs, encompassing both traditional and contemporary compositions. This app also includes hla khuanghnih zai and thalai hlate, making it a complete package for anyone interested in Mizo music.

Created in collaboration with Taitesena Section, Dinthar Branch YMA, Khawhar Hnemtu was first published in 2011 with 2000 copies printed. The second edition, revised and enlarged, was released in 2016 with another 2000 copies printed.

Downloading Khawhar Hnemtu APK is absolutely free, and it falls under the Education & Reference category, specifically Books. This user-friendly app was initially launched in May 2017 and has been regularly updated since then.

Experience the rich musical heritage of Mizo culture with Khawhar Hnemtu APK. Download now and immerse yourself in the soulful melodies and inspiring hymns of the Mizo community.

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